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John Moloney - Global Business Advisor, Consultant, Executive Coach, Creator, Speaker



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Advisor | Consultant | Executive Coach | Creator | Speaker

As a former Executive at Bose, Michelin & Bosch, John Moloney has led and created billions of dollars in economic and brand value, successfully acquired more than a dozen global OEM car company customers, entered >20 new countries and developed and grown >50 people to Director, VP and C-Suite levels.

John is an automotive industry expert and has worked globally for decades, managing small to large teams in Germany, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Japan, China, Korea, Brazil, Mexico and the U.S.  He has successfully designed and implemented 7-different transformations in Sales, Marketing and Brand Management functions.

John is passionate about developing and growing people, brands, and revenue by leveraging his deep expertise in General Management, Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Brand Management, Product Management and Strategy. Recent new business model introductions and innovative Experiential Marketing activations highlight his courage while also showcasing results delivered that significantly impacted company performance.

John is a growth zealot with a burning desire to constantly learn and upskill. He has completed sprints and courses during the past 2-years with Section4, Maven, McKinsey and ProductLed in addition to creating a community now exceeding 200+ Section4 sprinters at Bose. He has also provided Executive Coaching to 35 different Woman@Bose members.

Most recently, John's focus has been on advising a handful of startups and early-stage growth companies, as well as mentoring and coaching professionals who want to own, manage, and navigate their career journey.



John Moloney - Global Business Advisor, Consultant, Executive Coach, Creator, Speaker


Bose uplevels a global workforce with business education from Section4

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John's professional achievements, by the numbers.

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