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Automotive Suppliers - It's Time to Transform Your Commercial Operating Model

The Auto industry disruption started with CASE

  • Connected

  • Autonomous

  • Shared Mobility

  • Electrification

Each of these trends has been enabled and leverage advances in computing power, software, and the digitization of the auto industry value chain.

We’ve all lived through the Covid-19 pandemic, never ending supply chain disruptions, and sky-rocketing cost increases for everything from raw materials, labor, energy and transportation.

Two obvious questions would be - when is it going to end and when can we go back to normal?

Well the answer is that with disruption and change, there is no going back to what was and change is only accelerating.

And, as the auto industry continues the CASE implementation journey, we’ve recently identified more than 30 new trends, drivers, and requirements that will impact automotive suppliers business processes, systems and tools, and people.

The key question that each automotive supplier faces is “SHOULD THEY FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE THEIR OPERATING MODEL” in order to remain healthy and financially viable long-term?

Some of the Operating Model elements range from business processes for planning, selling, pricing, costing, terms and conditions, delivery and marketing their products, services and solutions.

It also includes the systems, tools, and people needed to efficiently and effectively execute these processes.

Working with expert partners, we strongly believe that embracing the challenges and opportunities of this new wave of change, while designing and implementing your Transformation Plan, provides the highest probability of success and long-term viability.

If you are looking for an objective thought partner for a dialog session with your Leadership team


you need more information about how to begin your COM Transformation journey, LET’S CONNECT!

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