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Intro to Your Career Journey

Hi everyone!

“I’m excited to be here today and sharing my concept for successful career management.

It’s called Your Career Journey

“let’s start by explaining what what YCJ is.

It’s a Career Management process, framework and resource library for anyone seeking assistance as they own, manage and navigate their career journey”

You might be thinking or asking yourself, “Why did I develop this”.

Well, there’s really three primary reasons:

  • “First, when you look for books and other resources on the topic of career management, there are very few and they tend to focus on career planning during the college years. YCJ is intended to help you when you are “in” your career”

  • “Secondly, I have a strong desire to share my experiences, the lessons learned, best practices, and ups and downs, twists and turns as I navigated my career journey”

  • “Thirdly, and most importantly, it’s a deep belief that has been ingrained in me that you need to OWN, MANAGE and NAVIGATE YOUR CAREER JOURNEY. ACTIVELY! I want to help people do this!

So, “Who is the target audience”.

The primary targeted audience is early-to-mid-career workers who aspire to professional and personal success (how ever they define success) AND who want to actively own, manage and navigate their career journey. A secondary audience would be those in mid-career who have not managed their career journey or have been negatively impacted and are considering a career evolution or pivot”

Finally, “how will content be delivered”.

“You will be able to access the content and resources on the Moloney Executive Coaching website as well as my LinkedIn and YouTube channels”.

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for new content drops coming soon!

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