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Your Career is Your Most Valuable Asset

Your Career is your most valuable asset

Today’s drop is going to dive into one of my more provocative points of views and it relates to my belief that your career is one of your most valuable assets

Let me start by saying that I’m a businessman first and foremost and that I’m not looking at this POV from the lens of someone working in the HR department or a Corporate function”.

“Now, when we think about assets, what do you think of?

Your investment portfolio, a house, maybe a rare painting, a piece of jewelry or an exotic car?

All are valuable and you have resources available to help you plan for, purchase and manage them on an ongoing basis

“Why don’t we think the same way about a career”?

“For the majority of you no matter where you live in the world, your career earnings will be in the millions of dollars.

And, yet, who do you turn to for help for career management?

Who’s there to help you extract the most value from YOU and YOUR most precious asset?

My intent for the YCJ resources is to use these to assist in capturing and extract value from every step in Your Career Journey”?

You may be wondering, how do you define value John?

Well the obvious answer is economic or monetary value.

But, that’s not the only dimension that is important.

Often overlooked, and yet extremely valuable, is the emotional value that you can capture and extract during Your Career Journey”.

Let’s go even deeper - what do you mean by emotional value?

I love this question - let me give you a few examples of emotional value that can be acquired during Your Career Journey.

Some examples include physical objects like pictures, videos, awards, memorabilia, artifacts and the list can go on and on.

However, and often overlooked, are the intangible items that can accumulate and be extremely valuable - these include memories, friendships, and stories that often get more valuable as time goes on

So, to wrap-up today, my hope for each of you is that by utilizing the YCJ resources, you’ll be able to extract and leverage You as Your most valuable asset to the fullest extent possible - whether it relates to economic or emotional value. And, hopefully BOTH!

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